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SailShadow | Vele ombreggianti di design ed elevata qualità
from the passion
for the sea.

Vittorio Bandini was the inventor of the furling system first for boat sails then for… sun shade sails.
Vittorio’s passion for the sea led him to establish a family business where all his dreams have come true.
Sailshadow is the fruit of a profound love for the sea and a deep-rooted knowledge of the sailing world. This legacy of expertise and knowledge that dates as far back as 1980 when Vittorio Bandini invented his “mainsail furling” system, has been passed on to his family members who have developed and manufactured a new type of patented sun shade sails.
Sailshadow is specialised in the design and manufacture of shade sails and structures with an innovative furling system of great technical and aesthetic value. Sailshadow sun shade sails derive from a combination of R&D activity, nautical technology and design studies which allows us to continuously improve our production and offer top-quality products.

Italian design.
360° adjustable.
Auto lock.

Batwing shading system with stainless steel structure and a sail that can be rotated by 360°. Libeccio uses a Dacron® sail that can be rolled up or opened in a few minutes thanks to the motor inside the furling profile, which is operated via remote control or manually in the event of a blackout. A manually-operated version is also available.
The motorized version is fitted with an anemometer, which automatically furls in the sail in case of strong wind. With its nautical-inspired aesthetic, Libeccio is available in both the free-standing and wall-mounted versions.
Libeccio is available in three different sizes: 2.8x2.8 m (model 4); 3.5x3.5 m (model 5); and 4x4 m (model 6).
Structure and shade sail are delivered at the same time.

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Spotlight on
the protagonist.
Hi-tech furling
shade sail.

Shade sail with a self-supporting structure consisting of three or four stainless steel poles. The triangular sails roll up onto an anodized aluminium profile.
The 3-pole version is produced in 38 models with side lengths that vary from 3 x 3 x 3 m up to a maximum of 12 x 9.5 x 9.5 m. The 4-pole version is produced in 113 models with side lengths that vary from 4 x 3 m up to a maximum of 8 x 8 m with possible variations of 50 cm per side. The stainless poles are anchored by means of stainless steel support bases.
Structures can have a triangular, square, rectangular or diamond shape. The height of the poles is determined by SAILSHADOW during design; no modifications are allowed as these would imply variations in the length of both the structure and the shade sail.
Structure and shade sail are delivered at the same time.

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Manufactured in several models that can also be customized, this sail can shade surface areas of up to 80 m².
The stainless steel structure is fitted with a single triangular or double irregular-shaped sail; wind bracing is provided in case of high height of the supporting poles.
Of key importance are the size of the structure/sail and the angles, which can differ in width. The maximum length of the furling profile is 11.5 m, the height of the triangle is 7.5 m.
Structure and shade sail are delivered separately.

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technologically advanced,
fixed or retractable.

Self-supporting shade sail with anodized aluminium poles, resistant to wear and sea salt. Structures can have a triangular, square, rectangular or hexagonal shape.
The sail corners secured to the poles by means of return blocks, can be height-adjusted based on the customer’s needs to guarantee full protection depending on the sun’s height/path.
The aluminium poles are anchored by means of 80° or 90° inclined support bases, made of hot galvanised steel and painted in grey. Ostro is a shade sail which has been developed to be installed with extreme ease and safety.
Structure and shade sail are delivered at the same time.
- Fixed (non retractable) sail with lines used to close, open and tension the sail, locked by means of stoppers and cleats.
- Retractable sail with manual flexible stay, operated by a small winch, with opening/closing handle and sail tensioning lines, locked with stoppers and cleat.
- Retractable sail with motor-driven furling profile, remote control and lateral sail tensioning lines, locked locked with stoppers and cleat (without anemometer and automatic furling system in case of strong wind).
Optional: winter sail cover.

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Non-retractable sail.

Shade sail with structure made of SAE 304 stainless steel with mirror-polish finish. Manufactured with a triangular, square, rectangular or trapezoidal shape.
Grecale is a fixed sail which is easy to mount thanks to a tackle positioned inside the pole and complete with anti-wind spring.
The height of the sail with respect to the ground is adjusted by means of a mobile collar, sliding along the pole, and equipped either with block to be fitted to the tensioning pole or with stopper to be fitted to the pole.
Structure and shade sail are delivered separately.
- Stainless steel 80° or 90° inclined poles with base
- Wall-mounted version with stainless steel poles and through plate and bottom plate
- Wall-mounted plate with block, stopper and cleat

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